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Before you bet, know everything about online basketball betting

Despite having an interest in betting on sports, most people find it troublesome & afraid to bet & risk their money because of improper & incomplete knowledge about the betting trends. The list of sports for betting is long. In this list of sports betting, basketball is one of the popular games.

Wrapped with action, fun, entertainment & global fan-following, basketball is the favourite game among the punters. Many online sportsbooks welcome the bettors with an all-around betting experience.

Dive deeper to know more facts about the basketball betting system.

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Online Basketball Betting

The bettors get confused between online basketball betting & real-life booking systems. You will feel good to know that both the betting ways are similar. You just need to pick the right market, betting odds & choose the amount. As the basketball game is simpler with a straight scoring system. An interesting fact about the basketball game that attracts more punters is that the play involves plenty of breaks in it giving time for wagering.

How to bet on basketball games online?

Frankly, choose your online betting site & don't be afraid of placing an online wager; here are the easy steps you need to follow & bam- you have successfully placed your bet!

Placing a wager online at your chosen sportsbook is very simple. When you want to bet on basketball, follow these steps:

1.Choose the online betting site that has basketball betting options.
2.To start, you need to register yourself with nominal details to open your betting account on that website.
3.Usually, you need a username & password, on top of that for added security, some online betting websites provide a secure login (either OTP or security question).
4.To reap an added advantage, you could use your promotional or referral code. Many online sportsbooks allow you to earn bonuses/credits/extra cash.
5.Now, it's time to accept T & C.
6.You all are set to place the bet.
7.Now select your sport as Basketball & choose league/championship & bet.

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Different Types of Bets

1.Side Bet or Single Bet-

Simply, the sportsbook picks the favourite & underdog & assigns the point total. It uses point spread odds. Being a punter, you need to put a wager on the team you believe would cover the spread. The favourite is indicated by the negative value point spread while the underdog carries the positive value in its point spread.

Get it cleared by an example:

Los Angeles Lakers –7.5
Golden State Warriors +7.5

So here, Los Angeles Lakers is a -7.5 point favourite, whereas Golden State Warriors is an underdog with +7.5 points.

2.Over/Under Bet or Total

The online sportsbook determines the total scores of both teams combined. The punters have to put a wager on their prediction of total scores. This could be under or over the total scores decided by the sportsbook.

Get it cleared by an example:

Chicago Bulls -9 Over/Under 215
New York Knicks +9

This type of bet is generally placed when the bettor believes that the match could be drawn or neither of the teams will score more points. In the above example, the bettor places a bet on the under. It means, if the combined score of both teams will not reach 215, then, the bettor wins the bet, else will lose his/her money.

3.Money Line

In the Money Line, the punters are only concerned with an individual winning or losing the game. It does not involve point spread but as a simple bet, here also, the sportsbook decides the favourite & underdog. Both are shown by two separate odds.

Get it cleared by an example:

Boston -150
Ornaldo +135

Before the game, the odds of winning are decided & punters make their wager. With the odds (-150, +135), Boston is favoured to win over Ornaldo.
If a girl named Iva bets on Boston, it means- to win $100; she is risking $150. If she bets on Ornaldo, the risk is lower at $74.07 to win $100. In this bet, the bettor does not lose everything. In either way, Iva will be paid back with some amount; depending on the odds.

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This bet is quite interesting but a bit complicated which will roll your mind to calculate. But don't worry, the sportsbooks have every calculation covered. In the teaser, the bet has to be made on two separate spreads or over/under bets or totals. To collect a profit a bettor can adjust 4 points from the given total or point spread.

Get it cleared by an example:

Portland –5
Seattle +5
New York –12.5
New Jersey +12.5

Ila wants to bet on Portland and New Jersey. In a teaser, she will be awarded 4 points to utilize on each team she chooses. For Ila's win, both the teams- Portland and New Jersey need to cover their spreads.

5.Reverse Teaser

A reverse Teaser bet is riskier than Teaser. Opposite to Teaser bet where 4 points are awarded, in reverse teaser 7 points get subtracted from the spread as an exchange of higher payouts.


Most of the time, the bettors get confused between Parlay & teaser bets as there is the slightest difference between them. Wagering in parlay bet is the same as bettors do in the teaser but in the former, betting is done on at least two separate odds. In Parlay, no extra points are awarded. To collect profit, both the bets need to be won.


Apart from the above-mentioned bets- you can also bet online on Future bets, Proposition bets, If bet, Round Robin Bets. The betting experts suggest that a punter must have experience, a good strategy & a conscious mind to bet in props bets as both the risk & payouts are high.

Choose the betting site carefully & place the basketball with confidence.

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NOTE : Betinexchangeindia does not encourage any people to bet, if you do this then you will be responsible for this.

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