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Online Poker Real Money Game In India

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How to play 3 Card Online Poker Real Money game

The game rules are pretty easy when all players place their bets in the game named 'Ante'. You can also found the extra bets called Pair Plus. All players who are placing bets in the game and the dealer will get 3 cards each to face. If you think your hand is high that it can beat the dealer, then place an amount in the box mentioned 'Bet', or if you think it is a waste you can fold, or otherwise you will lose the original bet along with the optional bet. The dealer will play with a 'Queen' high or better than that to qualify. If the dealer got qualifies, then the player will be compared to the dealer's hand and the higher hand will win that round. If the dealer does not qualify for that, then the User/player will win even money and then the bet will be a push.

If you have a straight or higher hand, then you win Ante Bonus provided the dealer qualifies and the payouts are as follows :

* Mini Royal - 5 - 1 | Straight Flush - 4 - 1

* 3 of the kind - 3 - 1 | Straight - 1 - 1

And also the Pair Plus bet win, The dealer's hand or you have a Pair or above and the payouts are depends as follows:

1.Mini Royal - 50 - 1

2.Straight Flush - 40 - 1

3.3 of a kind - 30 - 1

4.Straight - 6 - 1

5.Flush - 3 - 1

6.Pair - 1 - 1

Guide To Play:

Rules of Roulette

  • Three card deals with each player and the board dealer. Only one player playing with the dealer and not other players are allowed at the table.
  • The player has a chance to look at his hand and determine to place a play bet on his hand against the dealer's hand. The strategy says the dealer is qualified should play hands greater than Queen, Six, and Four and fold all hands.
  • If the player folds the hand, it is over and then the dealer will collect the ante wager and bets. If the player places a play bet, the cards will be turned determined if the player has a better hand than the dealer.
  • If the dealer has a hand with the Jack-high or more, the play wager is returned to the player. If the dealer has a hand of Queen high or better, both they play wager and the ante is paid out at 1 to 1 if the player has a bigger hand than the dealer. 
  • If the dealer's hand is superior, both the play and ante bets are collected. The pair plus bet is arranged completely independent of what the dealer holds.