Teen Patti Game Rules

Teen Patti Game Rules - Gambling Card Game

The Teen Patti live basic rules are very much simple and easier to understand. Teen Patti is like a very simplified version of poker. This teen Patti for this Betinexchange is partnered with Ejugi.
In the very first step of this Teen Patti game, is to enter a boot with some amount before you receive the cards. The boot is also known to be the Ante, or Ante bet, a very known term for the poker players. After entering the boot with the entry fee and is, therefore, however, the player has to place a bet on a small amount. With Ante, the players are likely to play and increase the boot or fold hands. This Teen Patti is played using a 2 deck of cards of 52 cards.
The main objective of this game is to have the best three-card hand and have beat the Dealer. you always play against the Dealer.

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How to play and what are the Teen Patti Game Rules

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In this game of Teen Patti, the players and the dealer are dealt with three facing cards. This is usually done by the dealer. The dealer is also like a player who could be chosen randomly, The dealer is also the equal probability to win and the user also can lose the bet if he plays aggressively. Do keep in mind, In Teen Patti, you have different rankings as discussed below.

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3 of a kind also called as (Trio or Trail ): This is the 'hand' with three of the same cards such as three of A's, 2s, 3s, or 4s. (eg AAA, 222, 333...)

Pure Sequence (also called an 'Original Run' or 'Straight Run'): This hand consists of three cards from one deck and all in a particular sequence. For example, having a hand comprising of Spade in a sequence like A, 2, 3, is the Least original run, and maybe the sequence of King, Queen, and Ace is the highest pure sequence.

Normal Sequence or Run: This is a hand where the three cards are arranged in a sequence, but not from one deck or suit. For example, you can get the King of heart, Queen of Spade, and Ace of Diamond is considered as Run or Dummy Run.

Colour hand: This hand involves that three playing cards with the same symbol from one suit. However, in this, the cards are not to be in any sequence. Eg Spade of 2, 6, and 10.

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Pair hand: On this hand, you can have a couple of cards with a similar number. The least possible pair is like 2, 2, and 5 cards. The highest possible pair hand is consisting of Ace and King cards like A, A, K or K, K, A. In this Teen Patti, sometimes the extra card will decide which player wins the round, in a position the user will get some possibilities of getting boots with ease.

High Card: On this hand, there is no restriction of getting sequence or high cards or color, or any pure sequence. On this hand, it comprises the highest possible ranking cards are A combined with other playing cards. The winner of this round is decided in the situation where players hold the same high playing cards by comparing the 2nd card if it's also the same and if needed they will consider the 3rd playing card. The highest possible High Card 'hand' is consisting of A, K, and J playing cards while the worst possible High Card 'hand' consists of 2, 3, and 5.