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Quick Guide for Deposits and Withdrawals in Betinexchange:

Betinexchange is your online platform for all Sports and Gambling betting. We provide you all the information you need about online betting in India: how to find online sport betting site, how to deposit (and withdraw) money from Betinexchange site, how to get a welcome bonus, place bets, and much more. Betinexchange was your one stop shop for all things related to sports betting in India.
Betinexchange is one of the biggest betting sites, and they are becoming popular here in India. If you want to take part in this growing trend and to start using this betting site,
You need to know how to deposit money on Betinexchange. In this article, we will explain the Keyways of how you can deposit on Betinexchange and recommend deposit methods and withdrawal options for Indian players.

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Betinexchange provides a different deposit options that Indian players can use – There were multiple number of payment deposit options available. We recommend some payment methods, because of low charges of transaction fees.
Recommended Deposit Methods for Betinexchange:
• Bank transfer / Net Banking
• UPI / PhonePe / Gpay / Paytm
• Credit Card / Debit Card
• Neteller
• Skrill

Bank transfer / Net Banking:

Depositing money with the Betinexchange is quite simple. It is an instant way to transfer money between bank accounts in India.
Certain betting sites, such as Betinexchange, accept deposits via Bank transfer and Net banking, and it is the best way to deposit for Indian players who have their bank accounts.

Depositing with Bank transfer on Betinexchange is simple.

• Go to the deposit page on Betinexchange and select Bank Transfer.
• Then click on Continue and you will be redirected to a payment page that contains all the transfer information you need.
• On the next page, you will find the local bank transfer details of Betinexchange.
• Type the details into your net banking app and confirm the transaction.
• Then type the amount you deposited and click on Deposit.
• The money will be deducted from your bank account and then upload the reference id of your transaction or upload screenshot of payment.
• Then the amount will become instantly available in your Betinexchange account!

UPI / PhonePe / Gpay:

UPI allows players to make the instant payments from their own bank accounts, as well as from Indian payment applications such as Paytm, PhonePe, and Gpay.

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is an instant time payment processing system. It is becoming one of the most popular Indian payment tools in India.

Deposit with Paytm, PhonePe & Google Pay on Betinexchange

UPI accepts the Indian players to deposit with Indian e-wallets on Betinexchange, such as PhonePe, Paytm, or Google Pay. To deposit on Betinexchange using any of the above wallets,

For Deposit simply follow these instructions:
• Go to the deposit page on Betinexchange and select payment option.
• Then type in the amount you wish to deposit. Click on Deposit option.
• On the next page, click on UPI. Then type your UPI VPA and click on process payment.
• It will take you to payment page and enter the One Time Password (OTP). And click on enter.
• Then the amount will get deduct from your account and then upload the document. Then the funds directly get deposited to your Betinexchange account.
PhonePe / Gpay:
• Initially Click on Deposit in Betinexchange page and select amount.
• After that click on deposit, it will redirect to payment page.
• Then select PhonePe / Gpay option.
• Then type the UPI Id of Betinexchange to your e-wallets and make payment of what amount you want to deposit.
• After the payment done upload the reference number or screenshot of receipt.
• Then the money gets instantly deposited to your betinexchange page.
Credit Card / Debit Card:
Depositing with the credit and debit cards are quite easy. Please check the following steps for your reference.
• Firstly, Click on Deposit option in Betinexchange page and select amount.
• After selecting money click on deposit, it will redirect to payment page.
• Then select Credit Card / Debit Card option.
• Fill down with the own credentials of what required for payment then click on confirm payment.
• Enter the OTP and make payment. The amount will be directly credited to your betting account.


Betinexchange accepts deposit with Neteller, this is one of the popular betting deposit methods. Neteller and its partner Skrill are accepting pretty much by every betting site around the world. Neteller has become a popular online betting deposit option. because it facilitates transfer between user bank account and online betting site. You can deposit amount into your Neteller account using a variety of methods, including bank transfer, UPI transfer.

The main drawback of Neteller was fees. They charge 2.5% every time when money comes to your Neteller wallet. And also, they charge 1.45% for every transfer you make. But if you are interested to deposit with Neteller, it is simple.


Skrill is one of betting deposit method which was like Neteller. The two services are bought by the same company, known as Pay safe Group. Like Neteller, Skrill is accepted on every betting site, including Betinexchange. Depositing on Betinexchange with Skrill or Neteller is simple.

• You can go to the deposit page and select Skrill.
• Now, type the amount you wish to deposit.
• You will then be redirected to the Skrill account and asked to log in with your Skrill.
• When you logged in, Skrill will request a confirmation of your online deposit to Betinexchange.
• After confirming the transfer, the money will be taken from your Skrill account and becoming instantly available in your Betinexchange account. The 1.45% transfer fee will be deducted from your Betinexchange balance.

Withdrawal Method for Betinexchange:

Betinexchange is providing the safely withdraw options for your rewards without any charges, just follow the step-by-step process below for withdrawal of winning cash.
• Initially visit the Betinexchange home page click on login button.
• After logged in to your Betting site, go to Account page and select the withdraw option.
• After going to the withdraw option enter the amount of how much you want to withdraw from your Betinexchange account.
• Following that the user must update the registered bank account details before requesting withdrawal.
• Users must enter the withdrawal amount along with required payment details. Users need to update their bank account details for which account you need the withdrawal amount to be credited to. Once payment details are updated click on confirm.
• Finally, the amount is credited to your bank account once the website verification is done.

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