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football betting Guide - How to Bet and Win

You can benefit from your betting knowledge of the sports field and make a profit from placing football bets. If you are looking for some of the best online football betting odds, match predictions, and more, look no further because Betinexchange has football betting rules everything you need to make your football betting activity as simple as enjoyable. Betinexchange team of experts analyzes all of the data with the deep knowledge of the various leagues that we cover and we can offer you the best bet on football games online options around the upcoming fixtures with a few simple clicks, you will get to experience the best of online football betting all from the comfort of your own home.

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It was not easier to bet on football. You simply have to pick the football game at the website of your betting provider, Then you can scan the various betting markets with many odds ranging from the number of goals scored in that game to the football time of the first goal. After you selected your chosen bet and online football betting tips, from there on, you simply select to process the bet, from then keep calm and sit back and wait as the action is completed.

All the bet on football games online types you would expect to find on a real football match, including both pre-match and live match:



3.Asian Handicap


5.Both to Draw

6.Draw No Bet

7.Total Goals

8.First to Score

9.Winning Margin

For betting, simply select the football betting market you want to bet on, enter the amount of how much you want to bet in the bet slip and click Place Bets. Easy!

In-Play football tips (Football betting tips and Predictions)

In football betting the In-Play betting has become a sensation in recent years, and given the popularity that it had with betters when it first came among apps and online betting sites. it's unsurprising to see that almost every firm now has In-Play functionality within their sportsbook offerings.

This type of wagering allows you to decide upon your bets dependent on the unfolding action

Full-Time Match Results

The most popular bet in any football league and with any sports book is betting on the full-time result. This is as simple as betting on which team you expect to win the game – or indeed on the draw if that's the outcome of the game that you're expecting.

Both Teams to Score

Both the teams have to score, These bets are almost as popular in a full-time result of football bets nowadays, and given that it is a very simple online market to bet on with easy odds and thus they also can prove particularly popular online bets with accumulators and with multiple backers.

You can simply bet on both teams to find the net score over the time of 90 minutes with this bet and that can prove to be more of a popular bet than a match result from a bet as the hopes of it being successful can remain alive until the final kick of the match.

These are the teams across Europe's top five leagues that are most likely to see both teams score in their games according to the early season's stats:

– Atalanta

– Liverpool

– Inter Milan

– Werder Bremen

– FC Koln

Over/Under Goals Bets

The under/over goals online betting market allows betters to bet on. whether both the teams will score more goals or less of a specified number of goals in an entire game. The online betting market is in intervals of 0.5 to ensure that all bets are settled.

For Example, the 2.5 goals margin is one of the most popular specified numbers of goals in this market. If both soccer teams score a total number of 2 goals or less the bet is lost. If both teams score a total of 3 or more goals, the bet is settled as a win.

Over/Under Specific Bookings

That Over/Under style of bet on football games online is worth remembering, as it is also the way that many other markets are offered including some total bookings in a match – be that in total or on a specific team. There are other online markets when it comes to football betting and you can bet on which side you believe will receive or win the most bet bookings if there will be a red card issued to a player in the live match and then with some betting sites you can even bet on specific other players to be shown a card during the same match. You can find these kinds of odds on bookmakers such as Betinexchange.


Football betting odds

There are different types of bet for football odds available, but the ones that you will find on this site due to us being based in the UK are fractional odds. The winning chances of your bet coming in are calculated by these match odds, with the number on the first playing side of the fraction being the returns you receive an amount per bet. As such, odds of 10/1 would see 110Rs returned for every 10Rs staked – plus your £10 stake, meaning a total of 110Rs comes back to you.

The other two most popular forms of odds are American and Decimal and with most bookmakers, you can select the odds to the style you find easiest to understand and operate with.

Which Competitions did We Offer?

The user will never struggle for football betting tips and football betting predictions in India with our wide range of online betting knowledge and explain how to bet on football here at Betinexchange. Our main aim to offer football betting tips on all of the top leagues in the world.

Football or soccer in America (USA) is one of the most popular sports worldwide and there were thousands of football betting competitions played daily across the world. Betinexchange covers most of the important Indian football betting tournaments, along with the top football competitions around the globe. See our website for tips on the biggest football leagues across the world:

1.English Premier League

2.Spanish La Liga

3.Champions League

4.Portuguese Primeira Liga

5.Austrian Bundesliga

6.Greek Super League

7.Dutch Eredivisie

8.Italian Series A

9.Polish Ekstraklasa

10.Russian Premier League

11.German Bundesliga