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At every corner of the world, the cheers of cricket are always loud & clear. The fans not only like cricket but they love this sport from the bottom of their heart. This cricket love is infectious & it is spreading at every moment.

Following the cricket spirit, we at Betinexchange drive the series of cricket excitement full of betting fun. We bring the absolute best in cricket betting. from every genre of the matches. The cricket sports betting here covers all the national & international championships, ODI, Test matches,T-20 World Cup matches for all age group matches of men & women. It opens wide opportunities for the bettors with cricket spirit.

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What do you mean by Betting Odds-

The cricket betting market is flourishing all over the world with a daily rise in punters figures. It’s no matter that the origin of cricket is believed to be England, but the fans & cricket lovers are from every corner of the world. The popularity & excitement is not limited to the location.
Being the top online sports betting site, we here provide all types of betting options across all forms of cricket. More options to bet simply mean more ways to make money through wagers. For the icing on the cake, we allow the punters to start their betting with a minimum amount of Rs. 10 only depending upon the picked bet). Though the entire betting amount depends on the bettors that how much he /she wants to put as wagers forms to make money.

To put it simpler, the odds are a numerical way of showing the probability of an outcome. These outcomes are based on the bets already placed in the market. Normally, for general outcomes & sentiments, the odds are low but it gives chances to win more money when you turn out to be right in the bet.
Odds indicate the amount of money the bettors are set to win or lose in the ongoing bet. Based on the already placed bets; the new bets are placed & new odds are set then.
Let’s understand with the help of the example- If any online cricket betting website has set the odds for a cricket match of the T20 world cup tournament between India and Pakistan at 55-50.

Here, you are wondering what’s 50-55?
Read this explanation-

Simply, it means that the odds on India is 55 and the odds on Pakistan is 50. If you place a bet of INR 100 on the Indian team win, you will get INR 155 (Bet money + odds), if India wins the match.
But if India loses, you will lose your INR 100 as well. This means in case of India’s defeat you will not make any money.
On the other hand, if you put on Pakistan winning the match & if it does, you will get INR 150 back, else no money.

“Betting games are full of fun- other than straight betting on the winning bets you can also bet on your prediction of the losing team.”

Let’s visualize the scenario here-

This time, let’s suppose you bet of INR 100 on India losing the match, then with the same odds set above- you will get 100+50= INR 150 (the odds set for Pakistan’s win will be added) if India loses or say Pakistan wins.
Hopefully, you got the concept of betting odds in cricket betting, but in reality, this is not as simple as it looks. The betting sites usually set the betting odds in decimals or fractions. For instance- Odds for India & South Africa are set at (1.2-3.1). Following this, you know the drill.

cricket betting online

What kind of bets we provide at betinexchange-

What kind of bets we provide at betinexchange-
  • Winning cricket team in the WorldCup/tournament/championship
  • Which player will take the maximum wickets?
  • Who will score the least or maximum runs?
  • Man of the match
  • Highest run
  • Maiden over
  • Total 4s & 6s
  • Wagering on specific player’s performance
  • Total centuries in the match

  • Betting on In-Play moments-
  • Cleanbold at next ball or white ball
  • Consecutive wickets down or run out

  • Cheers to all sports moments! The punters are always ready to put their bets on cricket matches in the market before their commencement as well in-play betting.

    To conclude, betting on sports is very fascinating & when it comes to cricket, the passion & cricket spirit get scaled up. If you too hold an infectious cricket fan spirit who loves to bet on cricket matches, then, stop hunting for the best sports betting sites, we are here!

    We will help you from the scratch till the end. From registering your account for betting, depositing the money & putting wagers to easy withdrawal, we help you out at every moment.

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