Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Game Rules -Traditional Indian betting game

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The beauty of this Andhar Bahar game lies in its simplicity: all you need to play with a deck of cards, along with a dealer, and the user. The Andar Bahar game is also known as 'katti'. This is being played all over India, it can be played anywhere when you are free. whether on the office table or by traveling. Now Andhar Bahar is finally available at Betinexchange's Casino, you are now no longer needed to search for partners. You Guys can Play whenever you want for quick entertainment.

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Everything You Need to Know about Andhar Bahar

If you are an Indian or If you grow up in India, you are familiar with the game of Andhar Bahar, also known as Katti in some areas. In other areas, it has a variation and is called Mankatha.

Here we will explain how you can play Andhar Bahar in Live Casino modes, whether by using a computer or by smartphone; and you can get a bonus and what you can receive the first time you start playing, and also you will get a referral bonus and by this, we will even give you a quick suggestion of the rules of Andhar Bahar.

Andhar Bahar Game Rules
Rules of the Andhar Bahar

The Andhar Bahar rules are pretty simple and this is the reason that the game got such popularity in India.

The Andar Bahar board has two spots like: 'Andhar' on the left and 'Bahar' on the right side. There is also one center section. Mainly remember these two basic Andhar Bahar game terms:

1.Andhar (Inside) refers to the left spot on the board, on the player's left side
2.Bahar (Outside) refers to the right spot on the board, on the player's right side

In this Board, the Dealer starts to shuffle the cards of the 52-card deck, and then the dealer will draw a card from the deck of cards at random and he will put it in the center of the board/table, face up. This card is known to be Game Card. The dealer then deals the cards one by one and puts them face to the Andhar and Bahar sections until a card matches the Game Card ie the center card.

Your main aim is to guess which section will get the matching card Andhar or Bahar. For example, let us imagine the Game Card / center card is an 8 and you bet that a matching 8 will be deal with in the Andhar section. The dealer deals the cards between the Andhar and Bahar sections until an 8 is dealt. If that 8 is dealt with in the Andhar section, your bet wins.

How to Place Bet Playing Andhar Bahar?

Bet on Andhar Bahar
It is very easy to play with Andhar Bahar. You have to put on your chosen side with real chips on which of two outcomes you think will win. The dealer will start the round by shuffling the deck of cards. You can place your bets from this endpoint. The dealer will cut the deck of cards to select the Game Card, and that will be placed in the center of the table. After this, you will have 15 seconds to place your bet. Before no more bets are allowed for that round and then on the screen you will see an offer, inviting you to place your bets.

To place a bet, simply choose your side, and select the Andhar or Bahar section to bet on, and then click on the green button on your right-hand side. Remember to check the Boards minimum amount to bet. The total amount was chosen to bet and total earnings after each hand will be shown on the screen. In this game, if you guess incorrectly, then you will keep your stake.

How to Increase and Earn the Betting Amount?

Andhar Bahar betting
If you need to bet more on Andhar Bahar, it is very simple. Look on the left side of your screen you will see the chips. First, simply place the real chip value you want to use. Then click on the Andhar or Bahar section you want to bet on. You can click on the button once to place one real chip or click on it more times to add more cash. When you are happy to place a bet amount, click the green tick button on the left side of the screen to place the bet and win the rewards according to the bet which you are placed.